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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 711Jul 05, 2020Sex With The Right Person
Proud Podcast Person Betsy Girl said..."How you feel about sex depends on with whom you're having sex. It has to be with the right person." Right Betsy. And I think that's where the magic comes in. It's got to be with the right person. Or at least with someone who seems like the right person.
I saw a survey once that said women would rather go shopping than have sex. I must question what would happen if they added Betsy's point to that survey. How would women have answered it if the question were, "Would you rather go shopping or have sex with John Legend" the answer might be different. That's what today's podcast is all about. Give a listen please.
Episode 710Jun 28, 2020Turn Up Your Tingle
"The Times They Are A Changing" as Mr. Dylan famously sang. Maybe it's the "Magic Herb" they sell in the drugstores that makes a pretty lady "Putty in a guy's arms"...while of course one pill also makes her so sexy his arms ache to hold her. Or maybe it's just something more personal that makes both guys and ladies go way "beyond sensible command." That stuff is in this podcast. Give a listen please.
Episode 709Jun 21, 2020Peek A Boo's Point
The only game I like better than baseball is "Peek-A-Boo." It's really a profound game. The point of it is, "I see you." I think that's pretty important when we need to all put "Social Distance" between us. It's easy to lose sight of somebody standing 6 or more feet away. And this podcast admits I don't want to lose sight of certain people.
Episode 708Jun 14, 2020Indiana Summer
A fine fedora, a fancy bathrobe, and a megawatt smile from a pretty lady...and ZAP...I changed. I was feeling very down for some very real reasons, but the hat, the bathrobe and the smile made me stand up straight, stride right, and smile. This podcast explains it all.
Episode 707Jun 07, 2020I Almost Missed Her
This podcast is about my Lady Wonder Wench making a guy's glands crash, lending my mother my car and something new: Man Mouth vs. Women Words. Was it a man or a woman who said, "Sex is the biggest nothing in the world." I'll tell you in the next podcast.
Episode 706May 31, 2020Story Man
Today's podcast says a stranger's white fedora sits on the night table right next to my Lady Wonder Wench's side of our bed. That strangers white fedora belongs to a sexy older guy who calls himself, Story Man. Story Man has a good strong body, a deep sexy voice, and he likes to wear that white fedora when he helps my lady get undressed for bed. While he's un-hooking her bra he likes to tell her silly little stories to make her giggle like..."Do you know what you call kinky sex with chocolate... S&M&M." The stranger in the white fedora likes to watch her bounce a little when she giggles. I like that too. Any guy would like that. Then the stranger either reads to her from his special book, or he just tells her one of his sexy little short stories...with that voice that she admits first turned her on...a long time ago. Some times she gives him one of those looks that you could pour on a big, thick, chocolate cake. She likes that he watches her, as she climbs slowly and gracefully naked...into bed.
Episode 705May 24, 20202020 Summer
This podcast was recorded a year or so ago. And I hope our Summer Hopes are as high as this again...maybe next year.
Episode 704May 17, 2020One More Pound
It's "Just" one more pound...the difference between 189 & 190. But that one pound me. This podcast explains why 16 ounces makes such a difference in my head as well as in my gut. If you've been hiding out and raiding the may find yourself here.
Episode 703May 10, 2020Size Doesn't Matter
Size doesn't matter nearly as much as how brightly you shine. Life is tough and confusing right now. Most people are going dark. This podcast says, "That means it's a great time to turn up your shine." It takes a little guts, but it's worth the effort.
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