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Good Night Podcast
"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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Episode 808May 15, 2022The I Miss You Story
Once upon a time there was a guy...being "Guy Stupid." I was that guy. I was so stupid this time that I thought I was going to lose my Lady Wonder Wench. Wow. I was that guy stupid, but luckily, she was a Lady Smart. It's an interesting story. Give a listen please.
Episode 807May 08, 2022Mr. Story Man LURKS
Mr. Story Man LURKS. He comes around here every night, wearing his white fedora hat and his sexy bathrobe with "The Whiz" on one lapel... just in time to help my Lady Wonder Wench get undressed for bed. And I DON'T MIND... mostly. I do often envy him. I'd like to get my Lady to think I'm as sexy as he is. It's complicated. Please give a listen.
Episode 806Apr 30, 2022Questions...Lots...And...LOTS...Of...QUESTIONS
Finally, this podcast tells you the dreaded Moose Hunter story...and it asks LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Give a listen and try to come up with your own answers please.
Episode 805Apr 24, 2022Heat Is Neat
There's a big difference between being Kool, and being Cool. My Lady Wonder Wench warmed both the Kool and the Cool out of my life. This podcast is about learning that sometimes...we have to build walls...around our stay...warm and alive.
Episode 804Apr 17, 2022Missing Moose Hunter
I wanted to tell you my famous Moose Hunter Story, but I got sidetracked into some things about your fizzle. A fizzle sometimes sizzles, and that's not good. This podcast also gives you a unique answer when somebody says, "Have a nice day." And an even better answer when somebody says, "How are you?" Give a listen please so you'll be well prepared.
Episode 803Apr 10, 2022Scientific Sex
This podcast is about a phone call having to do with a blonde, a brunette, and a red head...ALL AT ONCE. And the phone call came in while I was on the air...TRYING TO DO A SHOW. of my attention.
Episode 802Apr 03, 2022The Thrill Of Victory...
...and the agony of de-feat! If you're a sports fan, you'll remember that statement on ABC-TV. This podcast isn't about sports really...and it's really more about the agony in my de-feet. But...I usually like to look at the bright side, so I'm calling this podcast..."The Thrill Of Victory...." So jump into the podcast and have some fun.
Episode 801Mar 27, 2022Manhattan Midnight
I had to be careful of the "Lady Wonder Wench" factor when I was telling you the main story of this podcast. Because it's about silky, sexy, half clad ladies in the middle of some Manhattan Midnights.
Episode 800Mar 20, 2022A Walk Down An American Street
I just took a walk down an American street, and I saw a telephone pole, and a pretty lady with big blue eyes who was wearing glasses...and I was so amazed that I married her. Her family is mostly Polish, so I guess you could say that I married a Pole too....a very curvey one. And this podcast says I am eternally grateful for the fact that the street I walked down...was...and is...American.
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